“Awesome workout! All different ages & abilites at every class! Kicks your butt, but also leaves room to improvise if needed!”

“I have found the Boom classes awesome. I started in March, and took 3 classes my first week. I have found a workout I love and look forward to. Boom has in so many ways pulled me back into life. Boom has given me a place to escape and direct all my energy into something physical and positive. With taking these classes I have had relieved so much of my stress, and its helped me be a better parent. I’ve seen more toning in my legs, and just pulled off my first 7km run with ease, surprising myself and my husband who kept checking if I needed to walk. All your instructor’s are wonderful, fun, positive and encouraging ladies that just keep you coming back even after they’ve kicked your butt in a workout. I look forward to attending some summer drop in classes and getting back into consistent class again this fall.” - Robynne Stone

“I instantly fell in love with Boom because the concept is so much fun it [almost] doesn’t feel like a work-out. The sweat I perfuse & tone of my lower body proves it is though! As an aspiring instructor I know what this program can do for ladies who want to boost metabolism, lose weight, gain confidence, or make new friends. I’m always in such a good mood after a Boom session, I recommend this program to anyone & everyone.” - Natalia Lecours

“My experience with Burlesque Boom has been nothing short of fantastic.  After going to Boom for 3 times a week for 8 weeks, I significantly toned up my muscles and felt noticeably stronger in my legs and abs.  Sarah & Rachelle have developed such an awesome workout that is not only beneficial to my body, but is also lots of fun!  I love all the women I’ve met at Boom and I always look forward to coming to class to see them all!” - Avideh

“I just want to say thank you to the ladies at Burlesque BOOM Inc. From the first day I tried a Burlesque BOOM class in August 2011 I absolutely loved the envigorating feeling I got during the class and the increased energy I had after the class.  I liked it so much, that after 2 or 3 classes, I registered myself up to be one of Burlesque BOOM’s first of many certified instructors.  I now can teach Burlesque BOOM and reap the physical and mental benefits while sharing and helping others in their journey to health and wellness!” - Kara Aube

“When I first heard about Burlesque Boom I was very excited but scared at the same time.  I didn’t know what to expect because when you hear the word Burlesque, you think of sexy and sassy dance moves just like in the movie “Burlesque”.  My cousin has tried to get me to go to one class for a couple months but I always turn her down, but one day she convinced me and I have to admit I had a lot of fun.  When Sarah and Rachelle announced that they wanted to set up a study to see how their class affects ones’ fitness ability I was very excited because this was my excuse to continue with the classes 3 times a week and as a bonus have a fitness test before and after the study to see how your fitness level changed.  The study ran for 8 weeks and as each week went by I could feel the difference it made in my body.  Even though I was sore during and after each class, it made me feel good about myself.  At the end of the study, all my results improved and I lost 1% body fat.  I just want to say Thank you to Sarah, Rachelle and all the other girls in class for motivating me and always making class fun and enjoyable!  Looking forward to continue with the class and the advance classes.” - Lisa Han

“For me Burlesque BOOM has given me great tone/definition to my hips, thighs, and waist.  I have noticed a significant improvement in my core strength and ultimately it has allowed me to find an inner sexy and divaness that I didn’t know I had!  It has been a great stress reliever and a really positive and energetic venue to meet other women.  BOOM allows me to just have a fun workout hour with lots of smiles no judgment.” - Lisa Reineke

“Burlesque Boom has changed my life. The sassy moves and pumping Cardio has given me stamina I have never had, let me lose twenty pounds without dieting and given me amazing confidence. I love Burlesque Boom.” - Sarah Heacock