Burlesque Boom classes are all drop in! This means you can start any time & come and go as you please! Just wear comfortable workout gear, bring indoor shoes & water!

60 minutes classes - 30 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular and muscle toning with the added touch of Burlesque style dance moves! Get a great work out and take home some new dance moves!

Burlesque Boom – The original Boom class! This class incorporates classic burlesque style moves & cardio interval training, this combination adds up to a serious calorie burn & a whole new, confident you!

Boom Sculpt – This class focuses on tightening & toning the body, using slow, seductive movements to sculpt & define target areas. Boom sculpt also incorporates across the floor choreography & cabaret dance moves.

Ultimate Boom – Looking for a challenge? This Ultimate “Burlesque inspired” class will combine a variety of the moves from all Boom classes into a harder, faster workout! Be fierce, work hard, get fit! Strong is sexy!